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Anomaly is a Hip-Hop artist that resides in Cleveland Ohio.
Pork Chop Dinner Artwork

Pork Chop Dinner


July 2014

This is a lyrical version of Dig Dug's earlier post titled DDD27. I'm not super happy with the delivery in spots but it was a fun exercise to see if I could lay down something to the instrumental.

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Aug 20th, 14' - 1:02am

Awesome! Nicely done gentlemen.

20 Gross Words: The Rap Artwork

20 Gross Words: The Rap


June 2014

I saw this article a while ago listing 20 gross words that people hate to hear. So naturally I figured "write a rap about it". The gross words are at the end of every other bar. The flows off in spots and it needs proper mixing but you get the idea. The instrumental is from the magnificent DigDug.

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Jul 25th, 14' - 10:35pm

"Kissed by the dog" indeed. Very nice! It'll be cool to hear the final cut of this with all the bells and whistles.

Podcast/Oprah Rap Artwork

Podcast/Oprah Rap


May 2014

Here's a short clip for a podcast I am starting called Steal This Podcast, followed by the 'Oprah Rap', which is a verse that was inspired by the podcast snippet. The instrumental/theme song is "Ditch The Flips" by Killer Whale Party.

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Jun 11th, 14' - 9:17am

Oprah rap dope!


Jun 20th, 14' - 10:38am

I think this post is a great example of random stuff people can post to this site. Thanks for trying something different. Also that picture is great. Love how you and Lakeside are starting a theme for your images.


Jun 21st, 14' - 9:01pm

thanks for the feeback guys - love it!! If you want to follow the podcast hit us up on Facebook at

Tonics & Hypotheses Artwork

Tonics & Hypotheses


April 2014

I dropped some freestyles for the verses, re-worked some of the lyrics, then re-recorded it. The instrumental is 'Raid' from Madvillain.

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Apr 17th, 14' - 5:08pm

So glad you put some rap on here. I was thinking about putting up some of my rap stuff as well. This track is nice. Favorite line: "my lyrics are so phat but not fatter than your mom." Looking forward to hearing more stuff from you.


Apr 17th, 14' - 5:09pm

....The muse habit plug was nice too.


Apr 18th, 14' - 9:20am

Thanks! Glad you liked it - looking forward to hearing some of your rhymes too!


Apr 19th, 14' - 10:19pm

Was that a Jon Snow shout out? I hope an entire Kit Harrington Silent Hill 2 song is next.


Apr 19th, 14' - 10:20pm

Cool song btw. I look forward to hearing more.


Apr 21st, 14' - 9:57pm

your voice and flow remind me of mc paul barman a little bit.


Apr 21st, 14' - 9:59pm

do you make music as well? madlib is awesome, but it would be cool to hear some of your beats. or maybe another idea would be to collaborate with another user on this site.


Apr 21st, 14' - 10:32pm

thanks! sadly I don't make beats, but I would definitely be down for collaborating.


Jun 22nd, 14' - 12:09am

"I can sit here and scat, man!"