November 21st, 2015: Still Working

Hello everyone. Just a quick update. I am glad people still post here. I appreciate it. I am still working on fixing and updating this site. It's just taking longer than I expected. I hope to have something first quarter of next year to make this a little more interesting. But until then I'm looking forward to hearing what you're working on and am glad I can share with you what I've been doing. Take care of yourselves out there.


Nov 29th, 15' - 10:59pm

Thanks for making this thing a thing-- a very cool thing.


December 15th, 2014: Way More Of A Problem Then It Needed To Be

I finally have the images cropping properly. Remember when the site started looking pretty on your phone or tablet? That caused the image cropper to break. Now it works again. Thank you for understanding. Now on to the next 40 problems that need fixed on this site.


October 11th, 2014: Broken Website

So there I was. One minute posting square images to go along with my Muse left and right. Then all of a sudden, it stopped working. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, please e-mail me the image you'd like me to replace on your post at Apologies for the inconvenience.


Oct 15th, 14' - 8:18pm

Hey ... it seems to be fixed now. Prove me wrong by posting brilliant music that is ruined by the photo not looking like it should.


Oct 18th, 14' - 2:08pm

Nevermind spoke too soon. If you upload a square image it will be fine, but cropping doesn't work at all.


Dec 19th, 14' - 9:12am

For anyone who happens to see this. Cropping works normal now.


October 8th, 2014: Big Show

So November 1st at Martyrs there will be several things happening relating to Musehabit.

First off, Musehabit will have been live for 6 months. That's not a small accomplishment. It will also be the celebration of Kevin Dudey (AKA KDudey)'s birthday. And even though he's only posted one song on this site, he was extremely helpful with making the technical side work with the conceptual side of the website.

A good number of people who post on this site will be there for that and so if you didn't know about this show, you might be interested in meeting some of the people who post here.

And most importantly Low Swans will be playing. And everyone should see them live at least once. Preferably more. They put on a great live show. It will also serve as their CD release party.

If you are in the Chicago area (or if you feel like visiting Chicago for that matter) come say hi!

That's all the details I have for now, but I'll post time/price/etc as I find them out.


October 4th, 2014: Player Count

If you are an artist, you can go to 'PROFILE', then 'EDIT MUSE' and in addition to seeing which of your songs are people's favorites, you can now see how many times your song has been listened to (obviously starting today 10/4/14, since I just implemented this feature).

Thanks to Anomaly for the suggestion.


September 15th, 2014: ... I guess back to Firefox?

The last week or so, there has been 2 reports of Musehabit running very slow (if at all) on Chrome.

I'll be looking into it. All signs point to a Chrome update, but I don't want to blame Google for ALL of my problems just yet. If this prevents anyone from posting, let me know and I can make it so your record of consecutive songs won't be tarnished.

If you have experienced problems with Chrome (or better yet HAVEN'T) let me know in the comments.

Otherwise things seem to work fine on Firefox. If that's any solace.


Sep 15th, 14' - 3:36pm

I had trouble posting from chrome for my latest post. I selected the file and the art, hit upload and it spun its wheels indefinitely. I never made it to the crop art screen. Being the resourceful sod that I am, I did it in explorer instead and had no problems.


Sep 16th, 14' - 8:31pm

Commenting like a shower curtain with Firefox FYI.


August 20th, 2014: Official Update

A few relevant updates. 1) News updates will now appear in the main feed ... obviously. 2) Art Galt updated his song "Pail". Go check it out. 3) From this point on, you should get notices when someone you are watching updates an existing entry.

Feel free to comment on this news post and let me know I'm doing a terrible job, or that I'm totally awesome. Either way, I'll at least know you are getting the message.


Aug 23rd, 14' - 8:53pm

totally awesome