chinchuffalomusic: July 2016

Golden Daffodils

Golden Daffodils Artwork

This is a Doris Day loop I messed with this month. I tried adding other sounds/instruments but never really got anywhere so I went back to this early simple version.

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Aug 10th, 16' - 7:35am

Is this a loop you originally made with tap on a record to bump the needle back into previous groove? Wonderful!


Aug 12th, 16' - 3:58pm

Nope, this is a new loop just done on the computer. I did use the original "Makes Him Strudel" tape on the record loop on a soundcloud track but never really finished it. I need to go and record some of those old record tape loops. I think there were some good Mel Torme ones I should rediscover.


Aug 14th, 16' - 8:46pm

Totally get back to those loops. That was great stuff!