chinchuffalomusic: June 2016

attic song 5

attic song 5 Artwork

I can't figure out how to finish this track. I'm thinking of making a video instead of messing with the sound any further. It was made on Propellerhead Reason and with a Zoom H1 recorder.

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Jul 2nd, 16' - 7:15pm

Nice work getting Reason to mix with the Zoom tracks. It took way longer than it should have for me to realize the birds were from the recording and not outside my window. I'd like to see the video to this. If you do make one, be sure to post it on the facebook page so everyone can see it.


Jul 3rd, 16' - 12:20am

This is an awesome song I just want it to keep going. I kept listening to it over and over as I was drawing.


Jul 12th, 16' - 7:56am

Love the birds and the street noises. This is like if steel drums were used in a slow motion hip hop song and played in an Electric Company bit.