chinchuffalomusic: May 2016

Korrey's Kittens

Korrey's Kittens Artwork

Hi! Spare Machine invited me to join your website. I recorded this in my attic mostly with a Samson Meteor Mic into GarageBand. I have a few more recent songs on SoundCloud:

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Jun 11th, 16' - 11:12pm

Nice. The accompanying artwork is great too. Glad you are posting here.


Jun 12th, 16' - 2:20pm

Thanks. The drawing is by Mike Noren. You should check out his series of baseball card drawings. They're really great.


Jul 12th, 16' - 7:28am

Yea! Chinchuffalo in the e-house! Oh man, guys, there's some much more good stuff where this came from!