SpareMachine: March 2016

Rain and the Ruinous Pink, Part 1

Rain and the Ruinous Pink, Part 1 Artwork

Improvised on a stormy night. Recorded as a video to my iPhone with a Shure MV88. Moving pictures here: Part 2 here:

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Mar 30th, 16' - 7:10pm

really like the thunderstorm accompaniment on these recordings. slide guitar sounds nice. video = well composed.


Mar 30th, 16' - 7:15pm

Thanks for clicking through to the video!


Mar 31st, 16' - 5:31pm

I'm really enjoying the tone in your past couple of muses.


May 1st, 16' - 2:00pm

This sounds like it could be in the soundtrack to the show Justified. This is pretty sweet. Makes me just want to go out in the middle of a park with lots of trees and trees. Lay down and look up at at the sky and watch the wind blow the leaves on the trees and the birds and butterflies flap their wings around. And most importantly I'd have some bomb ass whiskey/bourbon to sip on beside me.


May 1st, 16' - 2:00pm

Video was nice too.


May 1st, 16' - 6:20pm

Lakeside, re: bomb ass bourbon... Have you been reading my mail? Also, the next time you want to go sit under a tree and watch a butterfly flit about, let me know. I'll bring the whiskey!