SpareMachine: January 2017

I'm Tired of Giving Up

I'm Tired of Giving Up Artwork

A song by Ryan Adams. Recorded while actually tired of giving up. For some reason helicopters hovered about my bedroom during this recording. That's Trump's America for ya. Am I right?

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Feb 16th, 17' - 6:10pm

i know it's a joke, but there were actually quite a few helicopters in the chicago area during the last 2 presidents, especially during the most recent one. as for the song, this is pretty nice, and definitely spare. i'd like the guitar volume to be more equal with your voice, but that would probably contradict your intention with this performance/recording. missing the featured guest musician on this one!


Feb 17th, 17' - 3:19pm

The 'copters are always hovering. You're right about the gtr/vox. I tend to like the gtr to be at a lower volume than most. I sometimes feel that songs are bulled by gtr volume. It's also true that this is different than most folks' perspective. Thanks for listening and mentioning Booker B. We'll bring him back into the fold soon!


Feb 28th, 17' - 6:09pm

Your guitar/vocal balance is one of the things I really like on your demos from the Lesser Birds of Paradise days. This cover is lovely. Makes me think I should give listening to Ryan Adams another chance.