CLEARANCE: July 2017



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Aug 7th, 17' - 9:17pm

I like that, because of the loop, I can hear the heartbeat in the machine. The Tinman had a heart all along, you know. He only needed someone to give him permission to have it swell. That old con artist of Oz was happy to oblige and the world was better for it. Speaking of con artists, something about this reminds me of one of my favorite shysters, John Fahey and his "On the Death and Disembowelment of the New Age" (


Aug 9th, 17' - 2:48am

I think what you hear as the "loop" is actually 2 delays with the feedback set pretty high and long delay times. the loop itself is about 50s long. i really like john fahey's guitar picking style and the new piece you posted earlier today seems to have elements inspired by it.