CLEARANCE: June 2016

extra dux

extra dux Artwork

i submitted a remix to my friend for a project he was putting together. i created too much material or potential material for it, and this is some of extra stuff. this thing ended up being noise, but i'm okay with that. i used a program called "resonance" which is intended to loop sounds with fx to make ambient music and pleasant environmental audio, like one of those noise boxes with the birds, wind, ocean, white noise, etc. its got a really nice distortion and flange.

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Aug 10th, 16' - 7:40am

Excellent noise track. So much buffing and welding. A strange rhythm that presents itself, then recedes, like a wave-- itself a singer or white noise.


Aug 12th, 16' - 4:00pm

I love the sounds that come in at 2:54. Nice track. I want to check out this program.