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May 2014

"Because I was tired and whatever."



Jul 1st, 14' - 10:41pm

kdudey: 1, neally : 4. Just placing that statistic here.

Green Grass Fields Artwork

Green Grass Fields


March 2014

Recorded with Zoom H1. Arranged in Garageband 10. Lovingly criticized by my girlfriend.

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Apr 2nd, 14' - 10:07pm

Cool song. Is that the Martin? The distorted guitar too?


Apr 3rd, 14' - 11:17am

Great tune! are there some sort of strings in the background at the end? would love to hear more of that action.


Apr 3rd, 14' - 6:10pm

Yeah, the Martin just distorted, Only so much one can do whilst living next to neighbors. I would LOVE to add some strings to the tune, just got my MIDI controller back so will mess with that.


Apr 8th, 14' - 10:40pm

You know I already got harmonies for the chorus :) Yeah that distortion is pretty sweet.


Apr 8th, 14' - 10:57pm

My mom wanted me to let you know she liked this song a lot. You are now mom approved.


Apr 21st, 14' - 12:14am

wow, this sounds very well-arranged and mixed. i especially like the way you applied the reverb and distortion to both your voice and guitar. well balanced!