FAQ (as asked by a person systematically concerned with icons)

What's with that weird eyeball thing at the top right of every Muse?
Yeah ... if you click that, you'll be "watching" an artist. So every time that artists posts, you'll get an e-mail letting you know they posted. Also if you click "watching" on the home screen, you'll see a list of artists you are watching.
Okay ... next on my list is what's with that weird heart thing at the top right of every Muse?
That's the "favorite" button. For every artist you can have one favorite song. It will let artists know what songs are liked the most (go to settings). Eventually there will also be a list of the top most favorite songs.
Follow up question, why can't I favorite more than one song by every artist? What if an artist has two songs and they are both my favorite?
I thought it would be interesting to force you to pick your favorite. You really have to think about it instead of just clicking "like" on everything. We're civilized people after all. Plus it lowers the chances of an artist getting all the likes just because they are popular.
Moving on ... what's with that weird envelope thing at the top right of every muse?
I see what you are doing. The envelope icon is a way you can privately message people just through Musehabit. Since you may not have an e-mail of an artist, you can talk to them that way. Maybe ask to collaborate? Ask if you can sampler their song? Or add vocals to it? Further information on how they got a sound? I don't know. Maybe no one will use it and that's fine. Just thought I should add it in case.
What's with that weird ...
I get it. It's the comment button. It hides and shows the comments. And those are all the icons and what they do. Do you have any other questions that aren't icon related?
I love the cartoons!
Those are drawings by my good friend Neal Morrison. I think his style fits really well with the site. He posts as Neally on here. Feel free to say hi to him. He's a very interesting person. I think his most current project is his Holy Shark videos.
So how does the deadline to post really work? Be specific.
Confession time. It doesn't work at all right now. Turns out it was very difficult to get working, and there were plenty of other ways I wanted to make this site better. I plan to have it working soon. Any artist that has missed a deadline so far has gotten a free pass. Also it only checks if you posted something last month. So if you missed a month, it won't check again until you post again. At most you can only have 6 late posts a year.
What does it say when I am late for posting? Does it tell all my darkest secrets? Does it belittle me into a ball of nothingness? Does it make it so all my friends turn their back on me? Will I be hunted for sport? WHY ARE YOU TORTURING ME LIKE THIS!
If you click settings at the top, you can edit what it will say. If you know you'll be late, you can just write the real reason why it didn't get done. Bonus points if the next song you release is about that subject! (there are no bonus points, I made that up)
What's with that weird countdown thing?
If the number is red that means that you have that many days to post something before you are considered late. If the number is blue it means you've already posted something that month and have that many days before you can post again.
I want new features. If you aren't going to implement them immediately can you at least tell me what's coming up?
Here is a list in no particular order of things I want to be possible. 1) The ability to post photos and videos as well as audio. Maybe even short stories. 2) The ability to add revisions of your posts so that people can compare the initial and the final version.