FAQ (as asked by a condescending cartoon Rabbit pictured below)

Astronaut Man Reading the Manual of Musehabit
What's this site all about?
Musehabit is website where artists post audio files monthly for review, critique, or posterity. Think of it a bit like an open mic for the internet. If it's a song you'd share at open mic, then it would probably work on this website. Except, if your song requires a wall of modular synthesizers, or a 12-piece choir ... now you don't have to bring them to open mic.
What kind of music can be posted up?
Any kind of music that is in an .mp3 format. In fact, it doesn't need to be music. Someone could post a story read aloud; or a comedy sketch; or found sounds of the city. The audio files might not even be a complete idea, just a melody the artist has been obsessing over.
How the is the site different from bandcamp or soundcloud?
Musehabit has two important differences than other music sites. First, the artist can only post one mp3 per month. And second, the artist has to post one song per month.
What if their dog eats their song, while the baby was crying all night and simultaneously there was a pack of alligators running through the neighborhood while they had a long day at work because it's been crazy lately and they were tired? Can they apply for an extension?
The real question is why didn't they record that unlikely series of events? That could have been a whole concept album.
Excuses excuses
But like ... what happens if an artist doesn't upload a recording?
I will personally go to their house and ransack their kitchen for booze and snacks. If the artist feels this arrangement is too obtrusive, alternately, an automated robot will post to the site on their behalf. All the other artists and visitors will see how "so and so" was too busy to be creative that month. Then the artist will feel shame. It's better to just release something. Anything. A dubstep version of "Row Row Row Your Boat". A previous composition ran backwards then filtered through a Radioshack mixer fed into a distortion pedal. A Gordon Lightfoot cover. Anything is better than posting nothing.
What if they don't care about being embarrassed?
Then they are a bigger person than I. Maybe they'll care about how many months in a row they can keep going. Musehabit keeps track of how many consecutive songs an artist has uploaded. Then users of the site can search by highest consecutive artists.
How did you come up with this idea?
Almost everyone I know is walking around with a way to record an mp3 in their pocket. And a good number of other people can record on their computer. Even if you don't have a cell phone or an even remotely decent sound card on your computer, tape machines are incredibly cheap these days. No one has an excuse not to be able to make a halfway decent recording of their audible artwork in this day and age.
Great! Sign me up! How do I become an artist?
Unfortunately you need a code to sign up to become a Musehabit artist. Every artist is given 5 codes when they became an artist. If you want to become an artist, befriend one of the artists already posting songs. Maybe they will give you one of their codes.
I hate all the artists on this site. I hate talking to them too. Can't I just have a code because?
Wow ... you sound like just the kind of person who would fit right in with a group of sensitive artists. If you use the contact form in the "Contact" section, and explain what kind of stuff you do, maybe I'll see if I can't find a code to give you.
Octopus confusion
And when I sign up, are you going to steal all my song ideas?
All songs are the intellectual property of their respective writers. I have no say whatsoever who owns what. Gordon Lightfoot does his thing ... and you do yours.
I'm not saying I am ... But let's say I am worried about you stealing my song ideas. Is there still a point in signing up for your website even if I don't sign up to become an artist?
Yes! Not everyone is a musician, but many people are fans of music. If you sign up you can be notified of artists releasing new material. Plus you can favorite songs which. And you can private message artists and let them know what you think.
Okay. I have signed up as an artist. What now?
You now have a month to post something to Musehabit. Record a song and click on "Add Muse" at the top. Upload the song in mp3 format, and add a picture to go along with it.
Confession time ... I don't know how to record anything.
That's rough. But it's okay. You have several options. How comfortable are you with technology? I use Reaper to record most of my music. It's $60 for a license, and the demo is free and unrestricted. If you are used to pressing giant buttons and hearing a click, then you might be more interested in a tape machine. They are fairly cheap these days. A Tascam 4-track should go for anywhere between $20 to $80.
I still don't get it.
You should just e-mail me with any questions. It will go faster that way. Until then, thanks for visiting.