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I am a ambient/drone musician in chicago.


June 2014

"Because I was tired and whatever."


An idea Artwork

An idea


April 2014

Working with the idea of taking old 4-track tapes and running them through 2 tape delays and then processing them on the laptop. no loops but tons of layering and noise.

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Apr 23rd, 14' - 2:01am

I really like the build up and tone of the track, I doubt it was the intention but I thought it would be a great back track to someone stalking someone else in a 80's suspense movie. But that is just how my brain works.


Apr 23rd, 14' - 12:45pm

i really enjoy the swirling ambiance of this, and the way the delay noise create a sort of undulating sound of "waves crashing" in the background. which software did you use for processing?


Apr 23rd, 14' - 12:45pm

i meant to type "delay and noise" and not "delay noise"


Apr 23rd, 14' - 7:16pm

very cool. I like that there's a generated underlying rhythm that maintains a context. I'm really in love iwth the .


Apr 23rd, 14' - 7:17pm

... i'm really in love with the shift at the ending.


Apr 23rd, 14' - 10:16pm

Reminds me of the music in that Limbo game. Totally has me looking around right now like..."who's there?"These sounds are sweet!