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low swans. chicago "band". I'm Jon Scarpelli, i am half. the other half is scott simon.


October 2014

"Because I was tired and whatever."



Nov 4th, 14' - 9:53am

Your excuse should really read "because I was releasing an amazing album, go listen to it at http://lowswans.bandcamp.com/album/the-whole-world-has-no-clothes"

Drugged Dragon (revision) Artwork

Drugged Dragon (revision)


August 2014

So.... based on some positive feedback last month and after talking to my band mate... i took a longer look at this tune, which I was basically going to lobotomize... and I came up with an ending that made the whole thing work for me. That and also reworking some of the earlier sections to tighten them up... i'm pretty happy with this. Thanks to the feedbackers.

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Aug 30th, 14' - 2:01pm

You're ridiculous, the song sounds great, and all the synth tones are amazing.


Sep 9th, 14' - 9:18pm

Well done.

Drugged Dragon_Demo Artwork

Drugged Dragon_Demo


June 2014

I call it a DEMO because the major change that happens around 2 minutes... i'm just not happy with. It's wanky, and I've already begun reconstructing the song. But i thought I'd share this since it'll never be heard like this again. The first part, the slow part... i'm really happy with, however.

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Jun 27th, 14' - 11:14pm

What are you talking about.? I like that section. And directly after that part, you go into this David Bowie sound and feel. I love it!


Jun 28th, 14' - 4:19pm

It does kind of sound like two different songs at first listen but that last half is so damn amazing. As you said probably just a transition to work out but otherwise good stuff.

"Onward They Sped..."


May 2014

The full title is "Onward they sped toward certain death" I created a video for this piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNNjjEhAylM This was made at a time when I wasn't writing songs at all... i couldn't come up with a lyric... so i made an epic instrumental...

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May 22nd, 14' - 11:59am

* I mean..its called "Ownward they sped headed for death"


May 22nd, 14' - 12:44pm

Love the song and love the vid. I like it as an instrumental for sure.


May 22nd, 14' - 3:06pm

this makes me think of the way synths and drum machines are used in magnetic fields songs.


May 23rd, 14' - 11:21pm

Great track. Down the line I'd like people to be able to post videos. I guess first I have to work on allowing people to title tracks longer. Thanks for sharing.


May 25th, 14' - 11:34pm

Very cool. I'm not sure if I've heard an instrumental of yours before but I like it. I especially like all of the percussion choices and tones.

tetherball Artwork



April 2014

this is a work in progress... though pretty close to being finished. (the picture is a Kurt Vonnegut drawing that I messed with just a tiny bit.)

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Apr 3rd, 14' - 6:31pm

This songs kills at 4:15. As always you know how to build a song. I wanted a dump of intelligible sound to hit for 5 seconds at 5:38 so it drives it off a cliff for that last piano hit. I'm digging it.


Apr 3rd, 14' - 8:51pm

Yeah, I'm with Kev. Aside from the addition of white noise or a jet engine leading up to the last piano hit...sounds finished to me.


Apr 4th, 14' - 11:11am

ahhh... good idea!


Apr 8th, 14' - 9:19am

love the piano. And your voice is so deathcab but pushing a tad better than the lead singers voice. If that makes any sense. Think I might have told you this once at one of your shows. I need to learn how to arrange songs better. You seem to have it down. I also Agree with the boys. I want to see that part go crazy.