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Hannah Frank is a person performing original roots music with her fantastic crew Hannah Frank Group. @HannahFrankGrp


February 2016



Blues is My Middle Name Artwork

Blues is My Middle Name


January 2016

I did not write the title. I subconsciously ripped off the title from a Ray Charles box set. I didn't find this out until recently, when I played the CD. I wrote this song in 2008. I don't recall where it was recorded. I like it.

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Feb 4th, 16' - 5:47pm

Very nice.


Feb 15th, 16' - 10:51pm

Yeah I'm diggin this shit right here!


Feb 20th, 16' - 8:59pm

Wow, I like how creepy and violent this one gets.


September 2015

"Because I was tired and whatever."


Electricity Artwork



August 2015

Mixed by Hannah Frank at 4MooreStudios.com / Featuring: Derek Henderson, Drums / Ben E. Miller, Bass / Kevin Rush, Electric Guitar / Hannah Frank, Vocals, Electric Guitar / Special thanks to Kim Moore. Copyright Hannah Frank 2015. Tracking Engineer Michael Teach CAU Studio. Chicago, IL

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Sep 28th, 15' - 6:04pm

Welcome to Musehabit! You've got a really great sound and voice, I'm looking forward to hearing more of your stuff.


Sep 28th, 15' - 11:54pm

Thanks for joining the MuseHabit gang! You sound good!