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December 2015

"What was it I was supposed to do?"


Stylist Number Nine (.:. remix) Artwork

Stylist Number Nine (.:. remix)


November 2015

Once upon a time, I wrote upbeat folk songs on a beautiful Martin guitar that I've since sold. Recently I've been experimenting with digital manipulation as .:. where I've employed things like pitch shifting, reverse reverb and tempo stretching. Now I'm seeing how these two worlds come together. This remix may be more listenable than previous .:. tracks posted here, yet the lyrics combined with the effects strip it of it's sentimentality and make it seem very dangerous. Like that dude from Silence of the Lambs. Doug's website didn't give enough room for the lyrics, which is a bummer. If you clap hard enough maybe I'll post the original song.

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Nov 29th, 15' - 8:02pm

While I am a fan for beautiful Martin guitars and folk music. I also really dig these distortions of reality. Post the original too!


Nov 29th, 15' - 8:05pm

You should use the lesser known feature of this site and post the original as the alternate version ... assuming it still works.


Nov 29th, 15' - 9:20pm

Agreed with Doug, this is really cool and creepy, and I'd love to hear the original.


Jan 20th, 16' - 3:43pm

i feel like it's only creepy due to the pitched down and reversed vocals. the underlying melody/chord changes remind me of elizabeth cotten's "freight train." this track also reminds me of some things i've been doing with reverb and pitch shifting recently, especially in a couple submissions to this site.

.:. .. Artwork

.:. ..


September 2015

::. .:: ..: ::: :.: :.. ::. .:. ::: :.: ... ::: .:. .:: ::: ..: :.: .:.

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Nov 29th, 15' - 8:23pm

That buzz-saw sound in this makes me want to wear safety goggles when I listen to it. And to make sure I've still got all my thumbs when it's over.

Amublance Artwork



August 2015

Cover of an Eisley song, and an experiment in double reverb. Lousy singing, but no vocal overdubs.

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.:. Artwork



August 2015

:.. .:: :.: ::. .:. ..: :.: ::. ... ::. .:. .:: :.. :.: ::: ..: :.:

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How Can I Be More Clear Artwork

How Can I Be More Clear


July 2015

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Jul 17th, 15' - 12:31pm

What program are you using for voice synthesis? The one I use uses Android's synthesis as the engine and I want something more old school. This track was fun.


Jul 23rd, 15' - 6:44am

This has melted my mind. In a good way!


Jul 23rd, 15' - 7:55am

TextAloud is the free reader, and I DL free Ivona voices for it.

A Secret For Now Artwork

A Secret For Now


May 2015

A demo of a new Old Youth song. The details are a secret. I found it interesting that this acoustic sounding guitar tone came from an EGC SG style guitar with aluminum neck and acrylic body, and the amp is a Sunn Model T through an Acoustic 2x15 bass cab. Versatility.

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Jun 8th, 15' - 2:46am

I like this, I felt like during the ohhhhhhh could be a second voice. but this might be a cover, so i dunno.

I Want to Die (Just A Little Bit) Artwork

I Want to Die (Just A Little Bit)


April 2015

This one took a while to get finished, but here it is. I wrote it because I want to die... but I don't really want to die. So I thought about that for a second and wrote some lyrics, then plugged in my KRAMER bass guitar and adopted the persona of the lead singer of Real Life. Guitars by Brian "in Brooklyn" Goodheart. Drum machine and audio mix by Doug "runs this website" Leinen. Thanks to them this turned out mondo raw and tagging.

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May 2nd, 15' - 6:51pm

I can hear this on the radio. I'd totally turn this up and hit lakeshore drive with the windows down. This is a nice one!


May 12th, 15' - 7:08pm

this is awesome


May 12th, 15' - 8:37pm

This is putting me in a The Church / The Psychedelic Furs place. Which is a place I haven't been in a long time, but I'm digging it!