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A Brooklyn-based duo posting exercises and experiments in the 4th Dimension. Follow progress here and view final releases at


September 2014

"Because I was tired and whatever."


Hybrid Moments COVER Artwork

Hybrid Moments COVER


June 2014

I had far too much happening the past two months since releasing our Grind EP, so I thought I'd post a potential cover song - but it needs vocals and more modifications. Suggestions welcome. I will use this as a sort of medium for more covers in the future.

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Jun 25th, 14' - 4:59pm

By the way, this is a song from America's beloved horror punks The Misfits. The original is so good yet so poppy it's disgusting.


Jun 26th, 14' - 2:51pm

nice choice for a cover! also a pretty cool take on the original. i'd lend some misfits vocals for ya in a heartbeat if you ever need em.

Girls On Pills Artwork

Girls On Pills


April 2014

Practicing simple, bare-bone ideas and exploring repetition and various arrangements. I wish I could upload three at a time and see what works. This has potential for vocals in the future.

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Apr 21st, 14' - 11:20pm

I'm working on potential for uploading 2 songs at once. The bass in this is ridiculous. Sounds clean like a synth, but organic like bass guitar.


Apr 22nd, 14' - 12:19pm

Thanks, D. That's the beauty of a bass guitarist programing synth bass sequences.


Apr 22nd, 14' - 7:23pm

Agreed, the bass sounds awesome, especially in headphones. Cool song


Apr 23rd, 14' - 2:00am

I like the beat, what was this made on... or in?


Apr 23rd, 14' - 12:48pm

the bass reminds me of the synth bass sounds on my dr660 drum machine. is this still Caustic?


Apr 23rd, 14' - 7:13pm

Caustics, indeed. Another late afternoon sketch on a smartphone as I lay immobilized by a slipped disc. The real test will be translating this to real synth and bass.


Apr 23rd, 14' - 10:27pm

This has the feels of those old hip hop songs from"Breakin" or "Beat Street." I started pop locking a lil bit on this one.


Apr 23rd, 14' - 10:28pm

.....diggin this.

Agnostics_v1.0_WIP Artwork



March 2014

Like dreams, auditory ideas enter & leave a musician's consciousness BUT at all hours of the day. Worthy ideas must be captured by all means & on the fly before they vanish into the nothingness from which they came. This track was composed using the smart phone app Caustics.

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Mar 29th, 14' - 1:11pm

Awesome. I updated Caustic on my phone because of this song. Thanks for being the first to post on this site!


Apr 3rd, 14' - 11:06am i have to get caustics. great other worldy feel to this.


Apr 3rd, 14' - 11:06am i have to get caustics. great other worldy feel to this.


Apr 4th, 14' - 11:08pm

Now if only it was easier to program Caustic patterns as it is to physically play on real instruments. LOWSWANS, thanks! I hope to reach intergalactic mood, soon.


Apr 7th, 14' - 9:15am

This is house musicesque. If that's even a word. I really liked this. Can't believe this was all done off of a smart phone. All I need to complete this song for me is a dark room with some flashy colored lights and me dancing in it :)


Apr 23rd, 14' - 7:11pm

LAKESIDE, i appreciate the words, i think the final version will transcend the House sound and really become a new animal...